The big change on Luxembourg and the Greater Region's

House & Electronic Music Nightlife!

WELCOME VIP NIGHT 2018 || March 20, 2018 ||


Ask your invitation here >>>> info@welcomeofficial.com

♚ With invitation:
Free entry from 6pm-10pm / afterwards 10€

♚ With VIP card: Free entry all night

We are inviting you to join us once more for an exceptional night at the campsite Fuussekaul in Heiderscheid, Luxembourg. As usual, expect a sublime sound- and lightshow, great DJs playing the best House and Electronic music and a wonderfully designed decoration. You are WELCOME to join us for another unrivaled night at a great location!

♚♚ MUSIC (START 20.00h)
♚ Sertac Kazan (matinee istanbul, Berlin)
♚ Packo Gualandris (welcome, oberkorn studios)
♚ Alex Winter (welcome)
♚ Alex Heide (lauter unfug)
♚ Jeymore (welcome, 5lot)

Christiane Schmaler
Esther H.
Jenny Fischer
Marina Herber
Mireille Liesch
Muriel Galeazzi
Véronique Fransen
Zahrée Vermeer

♚ Mobile homes (stay safe!) www.fuussekaul.lu
♚ Ultra sound & light by Audit Arts
♚ House & electronic Music
♚ Phantastic decoration
♚ Awesome shows
♚ Stand by Pipapo
♚ Beautiful people
♚ Bar bunnies
♚ Tasty food

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WELCOME 5.0 PROMO VIDEO || October 13, 2017 ||

We are proud to announe our WELCOME 5.0 promotional video, you can watch it on Facebook or YouTube.
Here are the links, feel free to share through the social networks :)


WELCOME 5.0 FACEBOOK EVENT || September 8, 2017 ||

Our next event is now online on Facebook, check the link! :)

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WELCOME 5.0 ANNOUNCED || August 24, 2017 ||

The time has come! WELCOME 5.0 is arriving :)
Stay tuned at our Facebook page for more infos.

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WELCOME 4.0 || September 11, 2016 ||

♥ ♥ We are proud to invite you to WELCOME 4.0 ! ♥ ♥ 

Let's gather at the Camping Fuussekaul in Heiderscheid for a night loaded with House Music & Techno, mixed by some of the best DJs Luxembourg has to offer.


TASSO & MITCH (housedeluxe)
DR.GONZO (flying dutchman)
ALEX WINTER (welcome)
JEYMORE (welcome)

As a special Guest we invited the electronic violonist ALL REITZ RESERVED who will spoil you with his remarkable soundscapes.

Any questions? -> info@welcomeofficial.com
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WELCOME brings the overdue big change to the electronic music nightlife in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

We promise to take House Music & Techno to another level, a mixture of sound ingredients that you can only love. Melodic & powerful music and only the highest quality national and international DJs. Visit our parties, close your eyes or leave them open (as you desire) and dance 'til the dawn.

But for sure that's not all. We not only want to tease your ears. Your eyes need spoiling, too! That's why we invest a lot of time in developing creative decoration and beautiful visual concepts as it's an important aspect for us as well.

Now, what's missing for a perfect night out beside the music and the visuals? Exactly! YOU, the partypeople! And after the enormous success of the WELCOME launch party in February 2014, our fanbase is growing every day and we are sure to welcome only the most nice and beautiful partygoers at our events now and in the future.

We do all this only for your enjoyment and we absolutely love to do it!

You are WELCOME! :-)

www.facebook.com/ welcome.official.page


ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT! || April 13, 2016 ||

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INVITATIONS ARE HERE! || February 24, 2016 ||

We at WELCOME are happy to announce that the invitations for the WELCOME VIP NIGHT 2016 are available now! Just send an e-mail to info@welcomeofficial.com

They are limited, so hurry up! ;)
All event infos here (Facebook Link)

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VIP CARD 2016 - LAST CALL!!! || December 17, 2015 ||

If you want one of our precious Welcome Vip Cards 2016, this is your last chance to ask your personalized card!
Send us an e-mail to info@welcomeofficial.com and we'll give you more details :)

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VIP NIGHT 2016 || November 12, 2015 ||

WELCOME to the 2nd chapter of the Welcome VIP Night! After the big success of our 2015 edition you can now expect even more. A great artist line-up combined with the gorgeous unique decoration will make of this night one you will never forget! Join us at the beautiful Camping Fuussekaul in Heiderscheid (Lux), April 16th, 2016.
1 FREE DRINK + FREE ENTRY all night long with the WELCOME VIP CARD 2016
(more infos: http:// welcomeofficial.com/v2.2/ vip_club.html)

Ask your invitation here: info@welcomeofficial.com
Free entry from 20h-22h (10€ after 22h) with normal invitations.

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VIP CARDS 2016 || October 27, 2015 ||

We are preparing the Vip Cards for 2016 right now. As they are very limited, the time has come to preorder yours now before it's too late! :)
Check this link for more infos: http://welcomeofficial.com/v2.2/vip_club.html

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WELCOME 3.0 - PHOTOS ARE ONLINE!! || October 11, 2015 ||

The photos of WELCOME 3.0 are online now!
Enjoy the album by clicking the following link:



THANK YOU!! || October 5, 2015 ||

WELCOME 3.0 was a big success again and we want to thank every single one who was a part of it for making it the best WELCOME to this day! The photos will be online in the next few days. See you at our next events, more infos coming soon!

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WELCOME 3.0 - VIDEO LIVE STREAM || October 1, 2015 ||

Good news to all the unlucky clubbers:

There will be a video live stream at the WELCOME 3.0 starting at 22.00h (UTC+01)! Just click the following link :)

COUNTDOWN: 3 DAYS! || September 30, 2015 ||

We are more and more impatient, but the waiting has an end soon!

3.0 DAYS until WELCOME 3.0 ! :)
3 October 2015 @ Factory12 (Luxembourg)

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TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR WELCOME 3.0 || September 15, 2015 ||

There are some possibilities to get hands on your presale tickets for WELCOME 3.0 / Oct.3, 2015 @ Factory12 (Luxembourg)
  • PHONE: +352 691 650 150


  • BANK WIRE: n° IBAN LU16 1111 1513 4929 0000 / bic code: CCPLLULL
  • Luxembourg: 11€
  • Rest of Europe: 12€
  • The tickets will be sent by post to your address. If your order is too late, bring the proof of the money transfert to the event and you'll get granted entrance.



28 rue Dicks

L-4081 Esch/Alzette

(monday to sunday: 10h-18h)



12 rue du Commerce

L-3895 Foetz

(friday + saturday: 23h-6h)



84 route de Belvaux

L-4510 Oberkorn

(call: +352 691 650 150)

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WELCOME 3.0 @ FACEBOOK || August 13, 2015 ||

Don't forget to join our WELCOME 3.0 event on Facebook!
Just click the link below:

NEW HOMEPAGE V2.0 || August 13, 2015 ||

Hello clubbers,
We are inviting you to explore our very new homepage.

Enjoy! :)